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We are looking for a talented, experienced biotech investor to join the Noetic team as a Principal. A senior member of our investment team, the Principal will be responsible for helping Noetic discover and meet promising entrepreneurs, evaluate investment opportunities and support portfolio companies after investments are made. 

Company Overview

The General Partners of Noetic Psychedelic Fund came together with the strong belief that psychoactive plants and their related compounds offer medical science a truly ‘disruptive technology’ for treating many of society’s greatest unmet medical and mental health needs. We believe the psychedelic pharmaceutical industry is only just emerging and that it will experience exponential growth over the coming decade as new psychedelic-based medicines and therapies are approved by national regulators and adopted by mainstream medicine.

Psychedelic medicine offers higher efficacy rates, minimal toxicity, lower treatment costs and customized solutions to those suffering from medical and mental health disorders. These breakthroughs will help transform the mental healthcare industry to move from treating a patient’s symptoms to providing long-term holistic solutions to patient problems. With disruption, changes occur quickly and the magnitude of change can be staggering. This nascent industry will offer first-movers, entrepreneurs and investors alike, a myriad of opportunities. We believe this opportunity set will manifest across intellectual property, medicine research and development, therapeutic modalities and networks, education, diagnostic technologies, integrated and holistic wellness centres and beyond.

Psychedelic-based medicines and their related therapies are generally unknown, under-researched and hard-to-value by the investment industry. This creates rare and fertile ground for first-mover investors. With opportunities abound to invest in and partner with medical and academic researchers, entrepreneurs, nascent pharmaceutical companies and other thought leaders, GHP is building a multi-faceted investment and merchant banking platform to help early-stage companies bring their novel medicines and technologies to market. 

Primary Responsibilities, Requirement and Representative Tasks:

  • Lead deep dives, industry analysis and market mapping of relevant sectors like opportunities for drug development, NCEs in the psychedelic space, virtual reality, biomarker industry development
  • Keep up to date and have a genuine interest in the psychedelic space, including new developments and trends in the science
  • Take responsibility of all aspects of the deal process and own each part, shepherding it through the deal flow pipeline
  • Lead due diligence, manage Associates, lead diligence calls and expert interviews, assess market opportunity 
  • Help prepare and review Associate’s internal briefing and IC documents
  • Present and sell new opportunities internally to the investment and the partners
  • Build close working relationships with founding teams of portfolio companies
  • Manage complex situations within the portfolio incl. performance management, follow-on rounds and exits
  • Take ownership of valuation of companies you are entrusted with
  • Lead investor calls, acting as a representative of Noetic in front of multiple stakeholders 
  • Coach and mentor junior/new team members 
  • Support the team lead in defining the team’s strategy driving growth
  • Be proactive in suggesting and pursuing new investment opportunities

Minimum Education, Experience, & Specialized Knowledge Required:

  • Graduate degree in the sciences 
  • 4+ years of biotech venture capital experience and/or significant biotechnology/pharmaceutical sector experience 
  • Strong understanding of drug discovery and drug development 
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and communication abilities, including written communication, verbal communication, and the ability to engage with a range of stakeholders from CEOs to investors 
  • Strong knowledge of key issues and current developments in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, including an understanding of biotech valuations and valuation drivers 
  • A team player who wants to be part of a tight and ambitious team with shared values: – one team, be bold, be straightforward and be helpful

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