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Noetic FundToronto, Canada23 days ago

Company description

Noetic is the preeminent investment group in the emerging psychedelic pharmaceutical industry. We are seeking a talented in-house counsel to support our growing firm, which operates across the Noetic Fund I & II, as well as the Noetic Labs operating company.

The ideal candidate must possess a keen entrepreneurial spirit, as the team at Noetic is operating in a fast-evolving space and has an ambitious growth plan. In addition to supporting the venture funds, the legal counsel will have the opportunity to work on additional projects relating to Noetic’s venture studio (startup foundry) and other nascent opportunities. 

The in-house counsel will play a multi-faceted role, including term sheet negotiation and drafting, fund document preparation, structuring work, strategic partnership agreements, intellectual property agreements, technology and software negotiations/agreements and maintenance activities such as ongoing portfolio management and minute book administration. The bulk of the activity will be related to the portfolio investments, diligence, investment committee governance, investment assessment, research, and negotiations. 

We require a minimum of 4 years of prior legal experience in structuring, corporate finance and M&A. Exposure to emerging growth companies and venture capital and private equity is a huge plus. Our partnership group is based in Toronto, Canada. 

Company Overview

The General Partners of Noetic Psychedelic Fund came together with the strong belief that psychoactive plants and their related compounds offer medical science a truly ‘disruptive technology’ for treating many of society’s greatest unmet medical and mental health needs. We believe the psychedelic pharmaceutical industry is only just emerging and that it will experience exponential growth over the coming decade as new psychedelic-based medicines and therapies are approved by national regulators and adopted by mainstream medicine.

Psychedelic medicine offers higher efficacy rates, minimal toxicity, lower treatment costs and customized solutions to those suffering from medical and mental health disorders. These breakthroughs will help transform the mental healthcare industry to move from treating a patient’s symptoms to providing long-term holistic solutions to patient problems. With disruption, changes occur quickly and the magnitude of change can be staggering. This nascent industry will offer first-movers, entrepreneurs and investors alike, a myriad of opportunities. We believe this opportunity set will manifest across intellectual property, medicine research and development, therapeutic modalities and networks, education, diagnostic technologies, integrated and holistic wellness centres and beyond.

Psychedelic-based medicines and their related therapies are generally unknown, under-researched and hard-to-value by the investment industry. This creates rare and fertile ground for first-mover investors. With opportunities abound to invest in and partner with medical and academic researchers, entrepreneurs, nascent pharmaceutical companies and other thought leaders, GHP is building a multi-faceted investment and merchant banking platform to help early-stage companies bring their novel medicines and technologies to market. 

Roles and responsibilities

-Negotiate, structure, review, and execute term sheets, agreements and contracts and financial documents on behalf of the company

-Conduct legal due diligence on potential investments and prepare reports

-Lead fund documentation and drafting and maintenance of legal documents, including support for the launch of Noetic’s upcoming Noetic Psychedelic Fund II and the creation of Capital Pool Corporations to enable public listings of portfolio companies 

-Provide updates on contract status, present, and identify legal risks and liabilities associated with transactions

-Play an active role in portfolio maintenance, day-to-day decision making, compliance and risk management

-Support fund administration 

-Work with Limited Partners and assist in fundraising activities

-Manage co-investment SPVs and other required structures.

-Advise or seek external advice on a variety of legal issues as required, including questions relating to intellectual property 

-Support the launch of new initiatives, including Noetic’s venture studio, Noetic Labs Inc.

Qualifications and skills required

-LLB/JD required, with a licence to practice law in the Province of Ontario 

-5+ years of work experience with a leading law firm, including a background in structuring, corporate finance, M&A

-Strong experience in drafting and negotiating documentation related to both legal and financial/commercial matters

-Strong interpersonal and presentation skills and an ability to establish and maintain strong relationships with internal and external teams 

-Strong work ethic and an entrepreneurial mindset is a must!

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